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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 30, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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10,000 u.s. troops for a decade. they're signing that deal tomorrow. not a peep in washington. that's it for us. good tuesday morning. right now on "first look," a massive pro-democracy protest in hong kong are having a ripple effect on the world economy. secret service under fire. as the white house intruder ran far more ragged inside the executive mansion than originally thought. wild weather leads scientists to glaring examples of global warming. plus, an incredible boat rescue caught on camera. and are you up for this 8,000-calorie breakfast? looks good. well, a very good morning to you. i'm angie goff. it turns out, the man who jumped the white house fence and made it inside the executive mansion got much further than originally thought. we've learned omar gonzalez, who had a knife at the time, ran through the white house into the east room and near the doors to the green room before he was
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stopped. later today, secret service director julia pierson will face tough questioning from lawmakers about how she plans to change the agency's procedures. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington this morning. tracie, what can we expect to hear from today's hearing? >> reporter: well, a lot in an open, public hearing, which is not exactly how the secret service wanted it. they put in a request to have part of this hearing in private, classified, so they could discuss not only a report on how the secret service does its job but also, she said, revealing too many details about how they protect the first family would be, and i'm quoting julia pierson here, "beyond reckless." >> something needs to be done drastically. >> reporter: today lawmakers want to ask secret service director julia pierson how a man jumped the white house fence, ran across the lawn, and according to the "washington post," got all the way into the east room before they stopped him. >> there's got to be a better way to deal with it than they're
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dealing with it now. >> reporter: a new "post" report also says there was mass confusion when bullets hit the private residence in 2011. daughter sasha and her grandmother were inside. >> the rank-and-file agents and uniform division officers did what they were supposed to do. they took out their weapons, took cover, they called out gunshots. >> reporter: but "the post" claims officers were told to stand down, it was a truck backfiring, then gunfire from a gang shoot-out. four days later, the secret service confirmed gunshots hit the residence. the arrest came one day after that. >> how interesting, a guy obsessed with the president appears to have had a knock-off ak-47 and have shot it somewhere on constitution avenue on the white house's front lawn. >> reporter: former agents blame the chain of command. >> it does make certain individuals uncomfortable to speak openly, to engage their supervisors. >> ultimately, the president does retain confidence in the leadership of the secret service. >> reporter: but he wants to know more.
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we understand that director pearson has been in the oval office since that incident happened ten days ago to talk about this with the president. >> tracie potts live from capitol hill, thanks. in hong kong, a sense of calm for now. here's a live look at what's going on there right now. pro-democracy protesters, hundreds of them remain on the streets. riot police, meanwhile, have pulled back. but new this morning, a deadline. the government has until wednesday to meet protesters' demands. it's also a national holiday, which could mean more demonstrators. on social media, meanwhile, a ban is still in place. china erasing protest posts on instagram and twitter. and monday night, a searing image after days of tear gassing, a quiet cell phone vigil. we now know the source of 2013's extreme sizzle climate change. that's the word from the american meteorological society. it fueled heat waves in europe and china.
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and? n australia, folks melted under historic temps that hit 111. the australian open was even canceled for it. in california, new worries over its drought. 14 towns could run out of water in 60 days. it would take 3,500 gallons of water a day to keep them hydrated. a stanford study has linked the drought to greenhouse gases. taking out the world's new number one terror group is expensive. the u.s. has spent nearly $1 billion fighting isis. in the air, 220 strikes have hit targets in iraq since august. 40 more in syria. the f-22s used in iraq wasn't cheap. it cost $79 million. and on water, 47 tomahawk missiles worth $1 million each were launched. if boots are put on the ground, it's going to cost more to fight isis with an extra $320 million expected a month. this morning, a big find in the search for a missing uva
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student, hannah graham. right now police are following up on some 1,600 tips, scouring the area, but investigators say a forensic link may connect the suspect in custody to a separate abduction and murder in 2009. that one involved a 20-year-old virginia tech student. nbc's kurt gregory has more. >> reporter: virginia state police say jesse matthew jr. has been linked forensically to the murder of virginia tech student morgan harrington. >> i am so pleased that that has happened, but it doesn't change a lot for us in some ways, you know? our bedroom is still empty upstairs. >> reporter: harrington disappeared after a rock concert in charlottesville back in 2009. her remains were found three months later on a nearby farm, but her killer was never identified. now police in fairfax, virginia, say there's a forensic link from the harrington murder to a 2009 assault in their city. last week, the 32-year-old
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matthew was arrested in galveston, texas, after virginia police identified him in this video with hannah graham in charlottesville just before her disappearance. >> i'm relieved that they do have someone in custody, and hopefully, they do get answers to where hannah exactly is. >> reporter: this weekend, hundreds of volunteers joined law enforcement in searching woods and rural areas around charlottesville for any signs of the 20-year-old. a college community still holding out hope for hannah. kurt gregory, nbc news. well, you know that popular phrase, "retweets are not endorsements" is taking on a new meaning for donald trump, and now the reality star is mulling a lawsuit after he says he was tricked into retweeting something he now regrets. it started yesterday when a user asked him to retweet a picture of who he claimed to be his parents who passed away and "always said you were a big inspiration." well, it turns out, that couple
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were notorious british serial killers who tortured, raped and killed at least ten children, including their own. the donald soon took down that retweet and tweeted this message to his 2.7 million followers -- "out of kindness, i retweeted. maybe i'll sue." well, as you get your day started, it's important to remember not to skip your breakfast. well, one restaurant in britain is making sure customers eat up. feast your eyes on this. it's called the hibernator. it is 7 pounds worth of eggs, waffles, toast, bacon, and much, much more. black pudding, anyone? well, you even get a 2-pint milkshake right there to wash it all down. altogether, it is about 8,000 calories and costs $32. the breakfast is so intense that diners have to sign a legal disclaimer before attempting to chow down. now we want to get right to richard lui for the latest in sports. good morning, richard. i guess we could call that thing the carbonator, right? >> yeah, you can call it the incapacitator, because you're
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going to need a defibrillator. we could go on and on. >> i love it. >> the shake was bigger than that guy. >> i know. breaking news in the nfl overnight. the oakland raiders, boy, took a tough choice, but they fired head coach dennis allen after the 0-4 season start. his 8-28 record is the worst in franchise history going back more than half a century. a an interim head coach announcement to be made toad. in monday night football, kansas city dominating at home against new england. jamaal charles returning from an injury, rushing for 92 yards, finding the end zone three times! there's one there. tom brady struggling with just 159 yards. a fumble and two interceptions. yeah. he was replaced in the fourth quarter by jimmy garoppolo. kansas city takes that and it's new england's second worst loss under belichick. >> just didn't play very well. kansas city played well, so, it's a bad combination for us. chiefs fans also reclaimed the guinness record of loudest
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outdoor stadium. 142.2 decibels. and how loud is that? well, almost what a jet engine would sound like if it was 100 feet away from your ears. don't want to do that. for the first time ever, the nfl players association and the league have agreed to have a neutral arbitrator decide ray rice's appeal. goodell suspended rice two games and increased it to an indefinite ban after the elevator video showing rice striking out his then fiancee. and the mlb postseason begins tonight in kansas city. yep, the royals back to postseason play for the first time in 25 years, hosting the oakland athletics in the a.l. wild card game. we're already in the playoffs. >> i know. kansas city having such a phenomenal season. >> yeah. >> thanks, richard. nbc meteorologist bill karins has your national forecast. >> good morning. >> he joins us this morning. hi! >> hail was very impressive yesterday. colorado was the place to see it, too. people actually had to get their shovels out of their car to get rid of some of this hail. it wasn't that it was so huge. this is centennial, colorado.
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there was some windshields that were smashed, but i mean, some of the pictures of people shoveling their cars out from hail was a little ridiculous. so, that storm that moved through the colorado and new mexico areas yesterday is now moving up into the dakotas and nebraska. it will bring a chance of some severe weather today, late-day thunderstorms, slight risk of severe storms for areas of northeastern nebraska and eastern half, pretty much, of south dakota. the other story is florida. i mean, can you get any more rain? this september, the rainfall total's off the charts. 18 inches of rain in daytona beach, a foot of rain in melbourne, almost a foot in orlando and tampa. i mean, it's been raining day after day after day down there in the sunshine state. and unfortunately, more rain for them today. >> a total sogfest out there in florida. >> yes. >> thanks, bill. one shooting range says muslims are not welcome. plus, the supreme court sidelines ohio voters. and the best time to buy your thanksgiving plane tickets. that's next. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard.
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time to get down to business. overseas right now, asian stocks are lower today following wall street's losses and worries about political risk from pro-democracy protests in hong kong. new data on home prices and consumer confidence could make the markets move today. according to farecompare, right now is the best time to buy your thanksgiving plane ticket. beginning in october, each day you delay purchasing your ticket, you can expect to add $5. that is an extra 150 bucks if you wait until the end of october. historic wrigley field is undergoing a major $575 million renovation. the bleachers in both outfields will be expanded on to sheffield and waveland avenues, along with a new electronic scoreboard and much, much more. and finally, one california man wanted a more casual feel with a formal look, so here he is debuting the suitsy. it's like a baby onesie for a man. it's an all-in-one outfit that
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combines pants, dress shirt and casual sport coat, skillfully all sewn together. just plop your shoes. well, other stories making the news. voters in ohio were supposed to start heading to the polls today, but a ruling by the nation's high court pushes early voting back by another week. in a 5-4 decision, the supreme court reversed last month's lower court order, blocking the state from reducing early voting from 35 to 28 days. the ruling also allows the state to eliminate voting on the sunday before election day. the owner of a shooting range in arkansas has declared her business a "muslim-free zone." in explaining her rationale on her website, she says she expects backlash for this decision. she says, "i will do whatever is necessary to provide a safe environment for my customers, even at the cost of the increasincrease ed threats and legal problems this decision will likely provoke." a florida family lucky to be alive this morning. take a look at this video. an adult right there holding on
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to three children on top of that capsized boat. that as other adults are treading there in the water. it happened during a children's fishing tournament off the florida's coast area in the gulf of mexico this weekend. the family says there was a mechanical problem with their boat. and the unveiling of america's newest royal family, the clintons. new video shows the proud parents and little baby charlotte, as well as the new grandparents, bill and hillary, leaving a new york hospital last night. and it brings to mind the image of just a year ago when the world waited in anticipation for a similar baby debut. that's right, the birth of little prince george, who knows maybe george and charlotte might bring america and england full circle. time will tell. the nra fights back against michael bloomberg. the next nancy pelosi? and the teachers union breaks the election bank. "scrambled politics" is next. de. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people.
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now for your tuesday edition of "scrambled politics." scathing words from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. in his address to the u.n., he compared isis and hamas. >> you know the famous american saying, all politics is local? for the militant islamists, all politics is global, because their ultimate goal is to dominate the world. isis and hamas are branches of
2:20 am
the same poisonous tree. >> he also spoke about the dangers of iran referencing of all people retired yankee derek jeter. >> to say that iran doesn't practice terrorism is like saying derek jeter never played shortstop for the new york yankees. and starting today, the nra fighting back against former new york city mayor michael bloomberg with a new ad called kim. >> the thought of holding a handgun used to terrify me until one night a man broke in. my fear of guns disappeared when i got my second chance at life. now michael bloomberg wants to take away my gun rights for self-defense while he surrounds himself with armed guards. mr. bloomberg, you do not have the right to tell me how to defend myself. >> american federation of teachers president randi weingarten has announced the aft will spend more on the 2014 elections than any other in history.
2:21 am
according to "the huffington post," the union will spend more than $20 million, compared to $2.5 million in 2012. a tennessee democratic senate hopeful is defending himself after allegations that he plagiarized nearly every word on part of his website. gordon ball told buzzfeed he was unaware sections were copied word for word from other politicians. from "the national journal," ted cruz and rand paul's daddy issues? both are trying to separate from their fathers' reputations. ted cruz's father is a pastor who made some controversial comments. rand paul is similar to his father, ron, but allegedly strives to be more mainstream. and is donna edwards the next nancy pelosi? the "washington post" explores that question. the maryland congresswoman could soon be a leader in the dccc, and some in the democratic party view her as an eventual replacement. and that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." i'm joined now by "newsday" columnist and political analyst ellis heneghan. good morning, ellis.
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great to see you. >> good morning. there's a lot of nancy portenders out there. i'm the next nancy, they keep saying, right? >> nancy and donna -- i live in washington -- they're always together trying to get the women vote out, trying to get them to take their chances on politics, so, who knows? but we want to start with this congressional hearing on white house security happening today. we know that julia pierson, who spearheads the agency, is going to be in the hot seat. what is the first question she needs to answer? >> well, she's got to convince people that she deserves to keep this job. i mean, it has been a -- >> is it really on the line? >> well, yes! >> yeah? >> i would say it's really on the line, when someone jumps over the fence, runs all the way in the house and gets this far from the family quarters, there's no one to blame but the head of the secret service, and she is in a very difficult position, after months and months of some sense that maybe things aren't going so well there. >> months, yeah, i mean, even years. this traces back to 2011. >> that's right. >> that stunning report came out of the "washington post" saying it took them four days to come to the conclusion that seven shots had been fired at the white house.
2:23 am
so, with that said, what does she need to say? i mean, what can she say at this point? >> well, she needs to say we understand that there is an issue here, we have some very specific ways of solving it, we have figured out exactly why this is a problem. you know, it's got to go deeper than one snoozing guard or one report that was not filed. the thing that worries me is the degree to which they were not entirely honest about exactly the way this latest appearance came down. the "washington post" has an absolutely terrific story on there if you want to check out. >> it's pretty brilliant how the secret service really was. >> it's a tough time for that agency right now. >> ellis heneghan, thank you so much for joining us. we have some breaking news. police in little rock, arkansas, say the body of that missing realtor, beverly carter, right here, has been found in a shallow grave. she disappeared thursday after showing a house. police say they obtained the location of her body from 33-year-old aaron lewis, who was arrested yesterday morning and
2:24 am
admitted to kidnapping her. we'll have more on this story coming up later on nbc news. but for right now, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] over time, you've come to realize... [ starter ] ready! [ starting gun goes off ] [ male announcer ] it's less of a race...
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breaking entertainment news. the first photos inside george clooney's wedding. "people" magazine has them on the cover. it shows a happy clooney and amal alamuddin. of course, it's all about the dress. she wore a custom oscar de la renta french lace gown with pearls. clooney wore a custom-made tux by georgio armani. >> all about the dress. >> i know who cares what he wore? the guests did pretty well.
2:28 am
they got ipods loaded with the couple's favorite songs. >> what do you give to guests? >> i think that's great. she looks fantastic whatever she wears. >> it had to be perfect and it was. >> every outfit she wore for the four-day wedding extravaganza was great. >> you didn't have a four-day wedding extravaganza? >> no, we did that and it was done. so, let's talk about what's buzzing. you've got a trick play. >> i want to take you back in history, 1984. >> history lesson, i love them! >> a little giants, right? and they redid this very recently here in missouri. watch this play. watch the quarterback here. >> okay. >> he gets up with the football, walks down. he's pointing to the referee, saying i think we have the wrong football, and then bam! he runs. >> touchdown! >> does that qualify? yes. >> oh, my goodness. >> that middle school does get the 6 points snp. >> what do they call it? >> well, they call it the ugly kardashian. >> that's not -- that's -- >> that's the best part. >> watch the play first. ugly kardashian is the name. >> cracked the kids up every time you talked about it. something else in sports, in baseball that's catching a lot
2:29 am
of buzz. catch out this player, relief pitcher from the seattle mariners, tom willinson, yeah, breaking it down to turn down for what? he got marriage proposals after this. >> that's like bill when he played. >> "way too early" is next. >> shake it, baby. i'm extremely concerned. most organizations have acceptable losses. in other words, they're right 97% of the time. in the case of the secret service, they have to succeed 100% of the time. >> it's clear that something needs to be done and something needs to be done drastically. >> you're not going to believe this, more alarming details emerge about the recent white house intruder. not only did he make it through the front door, he made it well into the east room. and today, tough questions expected for the director of the secret service on capitol hill. walmart firing back at the lawsuit from actor tracy morgan following that highway crash that severely injured the actor and killed a fellow passenger.
2:30 am
and what is it about our cousins across the pond? jon stewart says congress could learn a thing or two from british parliament when it comes to debating the big issues. this is "way too early"! >> have a debate. ♪ hi, everybody! good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is tuesday, september 30th. welcome to "way too early," the show that says, hear hear to mr. stewart. we're going to try to do it in a british accent, but all we could do was mrs. doubtfire, because someone said that to me a second ago, and that was just a little too muddled. anyway, a lot to get to this morning. we begin on capitol hill, where in a few hours, the director of the secret service is scheduled to testify at a congressional hearing. this comes one day after the "washington post" first reported that the suspect in the white house security breach this month made it farther inside than previously reported. now, officials initially said that


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